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The company can produce various types of solder wire: lead-free solder wire, tin lead solder wire, non washable solder wire, aluminum solder wire, nickel solder wire, solid solder wire, stainless steel solder wire and other customized solder wire; the company developed a series of rosin three core solder wire, less splash, clean welding position oxide, so that the solder spread out, enhance liquidity, has excellent weldability With different alloy composition, it can meet the needs of customers in various fields; the environment-friendly solder wire has passed the SGS test, meeting the relevant international and domestic standards. The product adopts high purity environmental protection tin ingot and unique flux formula. In the process of production, the standard requirements of ISO quality management system are strictly implemented, and the quality of products is controlled by using German spike direct reading spectrometer, so that the solder wire produced by our company can meet the needs of customers.


Note: tin wire of different specifications can be provided according to customer requirements.


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