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lead-free solder paste


LZD lead-free solder paste is made of Japanese solder paste and spherical tin powder with little oxide content, which has excellent continuous printability. In addition, the solder flux contained in this product adopts a low ionic activation system with high reliability, which makes it have very little residue after reflow and has high insulation impedance, which has high reliability. Lead free solder paste has been widely used in computers, mobile phones, automobiles, home appliances, communication equipment, aerospace electronic products.


Solder paste

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LZD series solder paste is developed in accordance with international standards. It adopts a new active system and composite anti-oxidation technology. It is made of spherical solder alloy powder with low oxygen content and high reliability flux with strong chemical stability. It is widely used in various precision welding of SMT electronic assembly process, with excellent stability and high reliability.

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