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Product Description: ldr-101 is an environmentally friendly semi synthetic cutting fluid, which is suitable for turning, milling, drilling and grinding of copper, aluminum, magnesium and other alloy materials. It is especially suitable for 3C industry in roughing and finishing. The working fluid of this product has stable performance, good lubricating performance and rust proof effect, excellent anti-corrosion and discoloration effect on non-ferrous metals, good low foaming property, strong water adaptability, excellent antibacterial performance, not easy to stink, not easy to cause allergy.


Application range:


It is suitable for turning, milling, drilling, grinding and other processing technology of aluminum and aluminum alloy, and can be used by single machine or central liquid supply system.


Product features:


It has excellent anti rust and anti-corrosion protection for machine tools and workpieces


Good lubrication performance, improve the surface finish of machined parts


Good low bubble performance


Excellent anti-bacterial and anti deterioration performance, prolong the service life of working fluid




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